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Encryption with File Name Scrambling:
   Private Pix™ comes with built in support for Media Stealth and Fast Encryption.  The encryption type is automatically selected for the best performance of the machine.  Also full support is built in for encryption types used by Private Encryptor™.  When a picture file is encrypted, it is no longer readable by any image viewer except Private Pix™ until the file is unencrypted again.

    Private Pix™ has a file name scrambling feature that scrambles the filename into unreadable characters that are only understandable to Private Pix™ and Private Encryptor™.  The original file names are still viewable under Private Pix™ and can be restored by unencrypting again.  File names are automatically scrambled when a picture is encrypted and restored again when unencrypted.

Before Encryption

After Encryption

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