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Private Encryptor E-Mail Encrypt/Decrypt

Encryption is a very powerful way of protecting the information in a file from being examined by others.
Encryption works by modifying the contents of the file according to a secret key word, making it impossible to read it unless it is again decrypted using exactly the same keyword.

The E-Mail Encrypt/Decrypt is a Wizard type operation that through the use of the clipboard makes it easy to encrypt and decrypt parts or the whole e-mail message.

You can encrypt or decrypt e-mail in 3 easy steps:

Here is an example:
This is the text of an e-mail that contains sensitive information.
The information contained here can only be read by those that know that the encryption key used to encrypt it was tropical.
Following is this very message encrypted using the mentioned key:

********** Begin of encrypted block *****************************
Private Encryptor 
M(    +A!A         #P/P\    L^A(  TA" %6J  "=&G86:1N P[T:Q:R)G89KM)V$:\A
M?Q"J)G82M^ ML%/2+<.=&g+#lb!s$kl?;a>R(7O#K"%[%ZH;>PBMTG4(NQN
M$WD7L> ML%/2+<./(7d/n"ev$;#2=a9i)g4,o-*#"+lk+1"n)8 $L! #+<9+1>Q%RT0KB"!#+@@<@=i'7(<@[(-htfr#:-) 
********** End of encrypted block ******************************* 


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