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PC Security™ - System Lock

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The Lock Scheduler allows the user to select the times in which the computer should be locked. The times must be used in two or more blocks (begin and end), and all consecutive times must be selected as well. The times can be set in multiple blocks, so you my set the computer to be locked from 12am until 7am. Lock again between 12 and 1pm, then lock for the night at 5pm.

The System Lock locks the entire computer.
No mouse or keyboard entry will be accepted until the right password is entered.

The computer can be locked with the screen showing so your favorite screen saver can be displayed or a certain program can stay on and it's display can be seen while the computer is safely locked.

If the locked system is shutdown (or turned off), PC Security™ will lock it again the next time it starts.

The System Lock can be configured to lock automatically after a certain period of inactivity, at startup, every certain interval or at a certain time.

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