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PC Security™ - Internet Lock

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The Internet Lock provides various ways of controlling Internet access.
Once activated every program accessing the Internet causes PC Security to pop up a screen with information of what program is trying to access the internet and whether the program is acting as a server or a client.
Internet connection can be password protected on a program to program basis allowing the user to chose which programs can always access the Internet, never access the Internet, always ask before accessing the Internet or requiring a password for accessing the Internet.

The whole Internet connection can also be locked altogether blocking all data traffic until unlocked again.

Downloading from the Internet can also be disabled based on the file extension, so disabling .exe and .zip would help protect against viruses and installation of undesirable programs.
To disable viewing pictures on the Internet add .jpg to the download lock list.
To disable installing programs from the Internet add .exe to the download lock list.

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