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PC Security™ - File Lock

If you want to hide folders on Windows 7, please visit our newest product Private Folders

The File Lock locks selected files by requesting exclusive use from the operating system.
It is therefore impossible for any other program or even a network system to have access to that file.

Files can be locked in two different ways:
When the lock type is Read Only, the files can be viewed but can’t be modified or deleted.
When the lock type is Total Lock, the files cannot be viewed, modified or deleted.

In this screen you can browse all the hard drives and lock/unlock files in any directory.

If the system is shutdown (or turned off) and files were locked, PC Security™ will lock them again the next time it starts.

You can also lock, unlock and open files straight from Windows explorer, Start Menu and Desktop by right clicking your mouse. See The Context Menu for more information.

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