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Request for Password Reset

For security reasons and to best identify the validity of the request for password reset by performing address verification making every password reset traceable, we now require credit card information and a small $10.00 fee. It is for the safety of our customers that we have implemented this system.

Our primary business is security.
We have thousand of customers that entrust our software and our company to protect their data and privacy.
We understand how frustrating it is to get locked out of the computer and in the beginning we sent password reset to people the were locked out until we started to get complaints that the software got broken into. It was then we decided that only registered customers are allowed password reset and that solved the problem, hackers, breakers were too afraid.
We understand that some people might use our demo and FORGET THE PASSWORD and get locked out even though they have no intention of purchasing the software so as a good compromise we decided to create a token fee of $10.00 so we could still get positive proof of address before sending the password reset. This policy has worked flawlessly and have given all our customers peace of mind. It also shows how serious Tropical Software is about securing our customers data and privacy.



 Price $ 
 PC Security  10.00
 Stealth Encryptor  10.00
 Private Pix  10.00
 Winvestigator  10.00
 Secure Browser  10.00
 Private Desktop  10.00

Please double-check your information before clicking "Submit".


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