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Zoning Your Office
Your desk and office layout is one of the more major elements when it comes to an ergonomically correct office.  This can be a complicated subject, but when you look at it in terms of "zones", it becomes much easier to understand.  Zoning is a simple and effective way of splitting your office into three parts, and placing items in the zones, according to how much you use them in a normal work day.

Zone 1
This is an area where you would place items you use most often. Zone 1 items include, a keyboard, your mouse, a coffee cup and so on.  Zone 1 should be an area about 12 inches of reach from you.  In other words, this is where you would place items you use all the time.  Most of the time people automatically have zone 1 setup because of common sense.

Zone 2
This is an area that spans 20 inches of reach.  Here you would place items that you only use a few times during the day. Items like a light, phone or a desktop printer are good examples for most people.

Zone 3
This area is anything beyond zone 2 (20 inches).  This may include a file cabinet, bulletin board and anything else.

Have Fun
Zones are an easy way to organize items in your office area according to the frequency of usage.  The zones you create should reflect your work, the examples above are given to help you understand the basic concepts of zones and may not reflect your work area at all.  Take a break and have fun setting your new office up.

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