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Desk Setup

Desk Setup

Creating an Ergonomically Sound Workstation
The setup of your workstation, essentially your desk, is the most important aspect of keeping a healthy work style.  Using the guidelines described here you can create comfortable and healthy working environment.  This covers how your desk, chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse should fit with in your working environment.

Your Desk
Your desk is the main surface that you work on, and needs to fit your height in order to comfortably support you while you work.  In order for it to accomplish this, your desk should fallow these guidelines:
  • Your desk should be about 5 to 6 inches above your thigh.
  • It should be deep enough that it supports at least 6 inches of your writs
  • It should be at a height so that your elbows create a 90 to 110 degree angle
  • Your forearms should be parallel with the floor as well

Your Chair
As with your desk, your chair is another important aspect to a comfortable workstation. Your chair should fit these guidelines:
  • First, make sure you have a good quality chair that fits your body
  • Make sure you have a chair with good arm supports
  • The curve of the seatback should fit with the curve of your lower back
  • If your chair has insufficient support for the back, consider using a towel or lumbar pad
  • Adjust the height of the chair so that it fits with you legs and the height of your desk
  • Your feet should sit parallel with the floor or if not on the floor on a foot rest

Your Monitor
Your monitor is just as important because it is what you stare at all day long, and if not used properly, it can cause damage to your eyes(so you may need to start wearing glasses or contact lenses). Check to see if your monitor fits these guidelines:
  • Your monitor should be directly in front of you while you work
  • Place your monitor so that it is 18 to 28 inches from your face
  • The height of your monitor should be so that it is as high or lower than your eye level
  • If your screen is too bright, adjust the brightness and contrast so that is at a pleasing level
  • Your screen resolution my also help to reduce strain, a good standard is 1024x768

Your Keyboard and Mouse
The main tools of the computer, these two items are surprisingly the two that can be the most confusing at times.  To make it easy, just fallow these guidelines:
  • Consider getting a keyboard and mouse designed with ergonomics in mind, they usually fit best
  • Your wrists should be straight at all times
  • Your keyboard should be raised about 2 inches at the back
  • Consider getting a wrist support for both your board and mouse
  • A mouse with a wheel make it a lot easy to scroll through documents and web sites
  • Consider getting a trackball mouse to help reduce the amount of movements your wrist makes

Run Free
With these basic guidelines in mind you can create a fairly ergonomic and comfortable workstation that you will not dread using. Feel free to play around using these as basics and add on to them if you like.

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