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User's Manual

An Introduction to Ergotimer
To keep in a state of good health, the human body must move with a great range of mobility.   In today’s office environment, there is very little movement needed. In fact because of computer automation, there is excessive upper-body immobility, with the wrists and fingers doing all of the physical work. This overload of work to the wrist, hands, and fingers, leads to specific problems relating to this region of the body.  The best way to deal with the pain associated with the over-work in this region, is to constantly be aware of how you are feeling in these specific areas. If you are feeling pain. it is important to give these areas a periodic rest, a stretch, or both.

We know that managing time can be difficult at times and this is what the Ergonomic Timer program does for you. It automatically reminds you when to take a break. During this break, it may be beneficial to stretch and take a walk if possible. If you have other tasks to perform, this would also be a good time to do them, giving your body different movements.
We hope this program will help you maintain good health while working on your computer.

It is also important not to forget to exercise your eyes. A good eye exercise is to focus on something far away and then focus on something very close. Another exercise is to keep your head still, circle your eyes around. Move them slowly and at the farthest extremes possible towards the top, towards the right, down and towards the left. Repeat to the left side. This will help relax the eyes.

The operation of this software can also be password protected to enforce medical compliance.

Ergonomic Timer™ is supplied as is without warranty of any kind.
Tropical Software hereby disclaims all warranties and guarantees regarding the use, or the results of use, of Ergonomic Timer™ in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise.  Tropical Software will not be responsible for any incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, business interruption and loss of information resulting from the correct or otherwise use of Ergonomic Timer™ even if Tropical Software has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

By installing Ergonomic Timer™, you acknowledge that you have read this limited warranty, understand it, and agree to be bound by it's terms and conditions.  You also agree that the limited warranty is the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between the parties and supersede all proposals or prior agreements, oral or written, and any other communications between the parties relating to the subject matter of the Limited warranty.

The Main Screen

The Browser

This is where you can explore the Ergotimer web site.


Here are the menus that you can use to explore the program.

The Buttons

Here are the buttons that are visible from main browser view.  There are only for that have functions in this view so the last two are ghosted out.  You can learn about what they do here.  Other wise the buttons are explained left to right:

Settings: Pressing this button will bring up the settings window.
Help: Pressing this button will bring up this manual.
About: Pressing this button will bring up a window telling you about your version of Ergotimer.
Web Site: Pressing this button will bring up Ergotimer's home page in the browser.

Status Bar

In the lower right hand corner of the main window is a status bar telling you of your progress.

The Break Screen

Break Browser


Here is the main break screen.  This will pop up when it is your time to have a break.  From here you can explore the different excises that you can perform to help you stay healthy while working.

Break Buttons

Here are the buttons that are visible while in the break screen.  The first four have already been described and you can view those here. From left to right, the functions of the last two buttons are:

Skip the break: Use this if you want to skip the break and continue working.
Snooze: Just as your alarm clock has a snooze button, Ergotimer does too.  Pressing this will close the break screen for a period of time so you can save your work before taking a break.


This is the timer that will count down from 5 minutes of your break.  Once the time is up the break screen will close and you will be able to continue with your work until your next break.

Break Settings

Available Settings

Click on the arrow and select the desired setting. If you just want to select the setting without modifications, press the "OK" button right after the selection. You can also modify the explanation.  By pressing the "New" button you can add a new setting of your own. A window will prompt you for the name of the new setting and the new setting will be copied from the Default setting, without the description.  You can then enter the description and modify all the desired values.  Pressing the "Delete" button will give you the power to delete any settings that you do not want.

Frequency Settings

These controls let you select the counters to be active (in the example all counters are active). For each counter, you can set the interruption value. In the example, the timer will interrupt after 60 minutes or after 3000 keystrokes or after 1000 mouse clicks (whatever happens first).  The timer will restart all the counters if the computer is idle for the amount of minutes specified in the Idle restart in minutes field

Break Settings

Here you are able to change how long your breaks are, if you want a beep to alert you when your break is over and how long the snooze time is.


Press the "OK" button to save any of the changes that you may have made to the settings and press "Cancel" to cancel and changes you made on accident.

General Settings

Starting Ergotimer with Windows


Checking this box will start Ergotimer when windows starts

Be Forceful

Click here to force the user to take a break

Enforcement Password

Enter here the enforcement password. Enter it again for verification.



Settings This will bring up the settings window
Print... This will print what is in the browsing area
Print Setup... This will bring up a window with print options
Exit This will close Ergotimer all together
Close This will close the browser or break screen, but Ergotimer will continue to run in the background


Pressing this button will bring up a menu where you will be able to close or open the Toolbar and/or the Status Bar.


Break Now! While in the break window this is not ghosted, this will skip the current break
Skip! While in the break window this is not ghosted, this will skip the current break
Snooze! While in the break window this is not ghosted, this will pause the current break for a small period of time


User's Manual This will bring up this manual
About Ergotimer... This will bring up a window describing different aspects of you version of Ergotimer.
Order Form This will bring up an order form that you can use to purchase Ergotimer if you have not already This will take you to our web site.

Uninstall Information
To uninstall Ergonomic Timer™, start the Control Panel (click on Start, Settings), double click on Add Remove Programs, select Ergonomic Timer™ and press the Remove button.

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